All members must present themselves, properly attired, promptly for class

Bow upon entering or leaving the instructional area  

Train with a serious and diligent attitude at all times  

Light behaviour or socializing is not permitted in the dojo  

Always exercise self-control during karate training  

Never display anger in any form  

Before and after class, use the dojo for practice  

Lower ranked members should seek the help of higher ranked members  

Always refer to the instructor as “Sensei” and to senior students as “Sempai”  

Class begins at the command of the instructor  

Line up immediately when told to, higher ranks to the right, lower to the left  

Practice the “bow in” exercise with seriousness and ensure proper etiquette is maintained throughout  

During class anyone entering late or leaving early must obtain the permission of the instructor  

If the uniform becomes disarranged, turn to the rear of the dojo while re-arranging it  

Always begin and end practice with a partner by bowing and saying “Onegaishimasu”  

In the absence of the instructor, the senior member present is afforded the same respect as would be the instructor  

Members will not spar without the permission of the instructor  

No jewelry is to be worn in the dojo except medic alert  

Keep uniforms clean and in good repair  

Keep fingernails and toenails trimmed and clean  

Members are expected to maintain acceptable levels of personal hygiene  

When seated, sit in seiza or cross-legged; don’t lean or extend legs  

When responding affirmatively to a question or your name, say “Hai!”  

Members must never teach karate skills to a non-member  

Keep the dojo and changing area neat and clean  

When a class is in session, waiting members must conduct themselves in a quiet and respectful manner  

Pay membership and other fees promptly


-REMEMBER- Karate is not a team sport, it is an individual art. You get what you put in, so always give 100%!