Kata – Kihon – Kumite – Kobudo



A pattern or form of several specific movements or techniques designed to simulate defending oneself against multiple attackers. Kata is used to retain knowledge of proper technique and foundation, and to demonstrate your aptitude and abilities.



The consistent and continuous stride for improvement in the areas of stances, punches, kicks, and blocks. Kihon is the foundation of both kata and kumite.



Freestyle sparring can be broken down into three training categories. One is in a tournament where, in a controlled environment, opponents compete for points awarded for proper, effective techniques. There is also the self-defence application where techniques are delivered to defend oneself from attack, and gain a safe distance from danger. Thirdly, kumite is practiced in the dojo through drills to prepare for the first two situations.



Once a student has developed an adequate level of understanding and respect for the discipline of Karate-Do, authentic Okinawan weaponry is introduced. These skills are also tested in tournament situations, and there is also the opportunity to grade to different levels of proficiency in kobudo.